Create an antisemitism index of American colleges and universities.


The rating system would advise prospective students and their families about the climate and dangers at colleges. This would assist in the application process and potentially shame certain schools so that they take the initiative to improve their campuses.


Establish specific, transparent metrics to gauge the presence of antisemitism among, students, faculty, and administration. In addition to the degree to which it is systemic. Antisemitism is often fed by curriculum, guest speakers, and school policies that protect certain students but not Jewish ones. It can be measured by acts of harassment, vandalism, and violence on campus and how the school chooses to respond. In addition, the degree of antisemitism is affected by the proliferation of student organizations that promote, inspire, or engage in antisemitic behavior.

The creation of the index will involve establishing all of the metrics used to assess the degree to which a school’s campus is hostile to Jewish students. The specific features will all be rated and consistent so that a person reviewing can understand a school’s environment and whereby ratings are consistent so that comparisons between schools are not arbitrary or biased.

Once the metrics are established, a survey instrument will be created that will be disseminated to Jewish organizations at different campuses. Schools without will be noted and excluded from the inaugural publication of this index. The survey will include the opportunity to include narratives of notable incidents.

Results will be compiled, and follow-up with respondents may be necessary. A website will be created to host the results where people can review each evaluated school. A publicist will need to be retained to drive media attention.


  • Development of metrics, a survey instrument, and an online platform for the distribution of the survey
  • Identifying partners at universities all over the United States to assist in the evaluation and following up with the partners
  • Compiling the results and presenting them in a coherent presentation
  • Creating a website to present the results
  • Hiring a publicist to promote the platform

We are looking to raise $150,000 to complete this project. A larger budget of $250,000 would assure greater exposure by utilizing social media as well as outreach to traditional news outlets.